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Mars trine Uranus

A Playful and Original Bond

Kelli Fox

You'll have a fun, playful connection, if one that's a bit on the competitive side. You'll try to one-up each other with both physical and verbal challenges, and flare-ups may occur from time to time. After all, you two had a similarly playful yet occasionally combative connection in another lifetime.

You may have been members of the same team or family, or one another's favorite opposition; either way, that spirit of fun, activity and inventiveness has carried over to this life, sparking up the connection that you'll share and definitely making things interesting between you. The mutual stimulation between you will straddle the intellectual and physical planes because your partner may function as more of the 'idea person,' while you'll put your considerable energy behind their ideas and give them a serious push. And the sexual connection between you could be truly mind-blowing. The adventures you'll find together will make for some great memories, or even some interesting stories if your connection doesn't end up lasting long-term.

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