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Mars trine Saturn

An Indomitable Team

Kelli Fox

You'll bring energy and dynamism to your partner's life even as they bring a practical, grounded quality to yours. Together, you'll be able to combine your strengths for some very exciting results. Teamwork will be one of your greatest strengths.

In fact, a romantic relationship isn't the only possibility between you; you could also make great business partners, just as you were in a prior lifetime, because the combination of your partner's hardworking, responsible nature and your own natural go-for-it drive can move mountains. Whether you're working on a project together or simply the relationship itself, you'll keep you both motivated and on track, especially when your partner becomes overwhelmed or worn out from having too much on their plate. And from your partner, you'll learn to focus your efforts rather than wearing yourself out by working on too many different aspects of the enterprise at once. Just as you did in a past life, you can once again enjoy a goal-oriented relationship that helps each of you move forward in life and attain your material dreams even as you work toward your karmic destinies.

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