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Mars trine Pluto

Going the Distance

Kelli Fox

Prepare to go deep with this relationship, to emotional places that you may have tried to avoid in the past, with other lovers. The sexual connection between you will be incredibly strong and compelling; this person will hold a great deal of attraction and fascination for you, and you'll really want to explore that connection with them. But doing so will also take you down into the emotional depths of your own soul, try as you might to keep things on that simpler physical level, which is so much easier to understand!

But your karmic destiny with this person is not to stay at the surface level. Even your sensual experiences will take on an emotional rawness and honesty that makes them that much more intense. Your experiences together may at times be uncomfortable, but as long as you remain open to everything that you can learn from this person and this relationship, the intensity and discomfort will be worth it in the end. This relationship has great potential for transforming you and helping you move to a deeper plane of existence. But the way to realize that potential is to make it happen, consciously. That means you'll have to go the distance with this person rather than resisting the experiences they will bring to your life.

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