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Mars trine Neptune

Developing Greater Sensitivity

Kelli Fox

This karmic bond between you is about the physical, animal realm -- desire, sexuality -- trying to mesh with the realm of the mind, heart and intuition. In a past life, you may not have had an easy interaction; your energy and drive may have been too much for your more sensitive, less decisive partner. But some of that karma has been resolved by this lifetime, and you'll be able to have a much smoother, easier interaction.

At your best with this person, you will bring energy and passion to their life, and help them to get more in touch with their physical needs. They, in turn, will help you to trust in subtle intuitions as well as what is felt and experienced on a more overt, physical level. The result? It's possible that together you'll create a truly mind-blowing, spiritualized physical connection. Still, you are somewhat different on those levels, so you'll both have to go easy on each other if that pinnacle of experience isn't always reached. Remember to be sensitive to your partner's needs and moods. Developing your more sensitive side, in fact, is one of the best lessons you'll derive from this connection.

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