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Mars square Uranus

Stop Repeating those Old Mistakes

Kelli Fox

Anger and impulsiveness marked your connection with this person in a past life, and will do so again unless you can strive to learn the lessons of this pairing. The wrong way to go about it this time around will be to repeat those same past-life mistakes: pushing your partner, trying to control their behavior, reacting with anger and aggressiveness when they upset you with their unpredictability. Remember, no one can truly control anyone but themselves, and you should focus much more on trying to control your own behavior and responses in this relationship than those of your partner.

That will be more easily said than done, however, because they'll just keep getting under your skin and on your nerves with their willful behavior and uncooperative attitude. Arguments will become more frequent as you become more intimate, or try to; but intimacy may be difficult or even impossible between you until you can clear the air. The only way to do that will be to take a 'live and let live' attitude -- which may be easy enough for you in a general sense, but extremely difficult with this particular person due to those troublesome past-life connections.

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