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Mars square Saturn

A Dance of Anger and Rebellion

Kelli Fox

All the worst experiences you've had over your various lifetimes with authority figures will come back to you, at least subconsciously, when you become romantically involved with this person. Perhaps you were their prisoner or captive in another lifetime; perhaps they were your overly strict, even cruel teacher, or maybe they just remind you of that slave driver archetype. Either way, when they try to control your behavior or your energies in this life, you'll rebel strongly.

They will behave as if they hold authority over you, even though they'll be your lover, not your superior -- and certainly not your jailer. Whenever you do something they don't expect or disapprove of, which will become increasingly more frequent, they will try to clamp down the controls on you, attempting to force you to behave according to the standards that they think are appropriate. But you won't want to submit to this; you'll rebel passionately, even in the cases in which they're correct and you've acted out of line. Needless to say, the difficult karma that exists between you will only be perpetuated into the next lifetime if you two continue this same old, angry dance together. If you stay together, and if you care about each other as well as about yourselves, you'll have to find a way to talk out your problems rather than continuing that cycle of power plays and lashing out at each other.

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