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Mars square Pluto

The Art of Being True to Yourself

Kelli Fox

As you become intimately involved, conflict could become a more and more constant part of your relationship until tension, aggression, power struggles and unhappiness reign -- that is, if you do nothing to avoid this mutual tendency. You can try to circumvent the emergence of these issues, but only through clear communication on both your parts and total honesty about your feelings and agendas -- as well as lots of self-control. You were adversaries in a past life, after all, whether in actual battle or in a love affair; and the deep wounds you inflicted on each other will translate into present-day conflict.

You have a tendency toward anger and intimidating, aggressive behavior with your partner, while your partner is somewhat darker and more subtle, though perhaps even more powerful in their manipulativeness. If you choose to pursue this relationship and try to work things out, you'll have to remember that you cannot control anyone but yourself, and you do have the right as well as the obligation to be true to yourself as a unique individual. You'll have to find a calm, nonabrasive way to defend yourself against your partner's attempts to control you, which will have to begin with openness and patience.Please remember, however, that if this or any relationship becomes emotionally or physically abusive, staying in it and trying to work out the troubled karma will not be a positive experience for anyone involved. Your first priority should always be to keep yourself safe. While this connection holds great possibility for personal transformation, it also holds the potential for destructiveness. Sometimes, the best way to resolve difficult karmic ties is to let the relationship go and move on toward something more fulfilling.

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