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Mars square Neptune

Cultivating Trust

Kelli Fox

Misdirection and deception -- even in the subtle form of white lies or gentle omissions -- will characterize this relationship, and you'll grow more and more irritated with your partner's elusiveness if you don't face the issue head-on. It's long past time to face it, anyway; this has carried over from lifetimes ago, when one of you deceived the other, either through small, repeated lies that built up over time or one big one about something very important. You'll still feel that sense of confusion and mistrust today, and the loss of energy you'll experience when you're around this person will only make things more difficult between you.

In a very subtle way, it will be as if they sap your drive and ambition, leaving you wondering what happened, exactly. But getting angry won't solve the problem; that will only be a cause-and-effect repetition of your behavior patterns from long ago. Instead, try to stay calm and keep sight of your goals. Ask them to speak openly with you rather than trying to force them to reveal things they may not be ready to reveal. Cultivate trust and openness, and you'll be able to right those wrongs of the past.

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