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Mars sextile Uranus

Creative Symbiosis

Kelli Fox

The sense of energy and motivation in this relationship will be high. Your influence on each other will be to invigorate each other, bodily as well as mentally. Your partner will their ideas with you, and you will encourage them to put those ideas into concrete form.

You'll set a plan, and they will tweak it with touches of their brilliance. You had this symbiotic creative relationship in another life, and you'll be able to recreate its strengths again in this one, drawing on the best that each of you has to offer -- your strength and drive pitted together with your partner's creativity and inventiveness. Your relationship will be characterized by a sense of adventure, just as it was so long ago, and your connection will be about not just talking but doing. This will also bring lessons for both of you in independence, self-exploration and assertiveness. You'll help each other to learn what it is to bring your ideas out into the world and act on them, sometimes impulsively, sometimes with a plan; but learning to follow your impulses may lead you away from each other. But if you do stay together long-term, your partner will rarely challenge your independence, and you'll learn more than you may have thought possible about the person that you are.

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