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Mars sextile Saturn

A Positive, Teamwork-Oriented Bond

Kelli Fox

You'll enliven your partner's life in a big way. If they go deeply into work-mode, you'll be able to spring them out of it for some fun. If they start feeling down or overburdened, you'll be able to help them tackle their to-do list with vigor.

Teamwork will be one of your fortes as a couple, and you'll both bring your own strengths to the table. Your partner will help you focus your efforts so that you don't wear yourself out by trying to work on too many different projects at once, and you'll help them by giving them that boost of energy to help them get the job done. This positive work-oriented bond between you extends from another lifetime in which you had a similarly strong connection: You may have been business partners, each in charge of a different aspect of the job. In some way you had a positive, teamwork-oriented bond, which created good karmic vibes that have carried through to this life. This time around you can have a goal-oriented relationship that helps each of you move forward in life, and attain your material dreams even as you work toward your karmic destinies.

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