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Mars sextile Pluto

Changing Yourselves, Changing the World

Kelli Fox

When you two combine your energies, you'll shock yourselves and each other with how much you can accomplish. Any difficult karma from past lives regarding ambition or strength has clearly been overcome by this lifetime, because you'll be able to work together as such a well-functioning team; but it's even more likely that your karma was resolved long ago. In a past life you were warriors who stood side by side and fought your way together toward victory, and now, in this life, if you are together on the same team, whether on the job or at a game of softball, you'll be able to blast through the competition like it's nothing.

And if your relationship continues into the long term, anything you attempt together should be a rousing success. Your strength and determination paired with your partner's deep emotional power and transformative bent mean that your joint willpower is immense! If you do pursue a long-term relationship with this person, look for the lessons in this pairing. Just trying to win the card game won't be the right use of this energy; use it to change yourselves, your lives and the world around you for the better.

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