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Mars sextile Neptune

A Mutually Supportive Connection

Kelli Fox

You can have a wonderful, mutually supportive connection, with each of you offering different qualities to the overall mix. Your partner will bring you the same sort of nurturing that may feel subconsciously familiar to you due to a past-life connection in which they gave you tender empathy and compassion; and you'll bring them your energy and inspiration, which they also may recall from that past-life bond. You can really help this person to bring real-life form to their more abstract ideas, which you may have done in another lifetime as well, possibly as their teacher or creative guide.

You can act as that same sort of guide again, helping them to focus their widely varying and sometimes indistinct impressions, turning their creative visualizations into something tangible. Their gift to you in this lifetime will be of a more emotional variety. Their compassion will soothe you, healing any wounds that exist within your soul, and when you connect with them sexually, you will experience the sensations not just on the physical plane but on a spiritual one.

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