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Mars quincunx Uranus

Learning to Give Space

Kelli Fox

Even if you two become intimate, this person will need space in a way that you'll have a hard time understanding, much less granting. Their independence will simply rub you the wrong way, and if you respond in this life the way that you have in past ones, you'll go on instinct -- getting annoyed, becoming controlling or even lashing out at them, which will only push them further away. Sexually, you may not click that well; your partner's interest in being physical will blow hot and cold, and you'll quickly grow irritated or upset by not having a reliable physical outlet for your energy, much less a consistent way to reconnect physically when your minds get too worked up.

The problem here is old karmic energy left over from lifetimes ago, when you pursued this person and they resisted your advances, which made you angry. But instead of simply accepting their refusal, something in them intrigued you, or perhaps it just maddened you -- and you kept pushing to get what you wanted. It would be better not to beat that same old path all over again in this life. Instead, you can transform this tricky, upsetting connection through compromise and acceptance, even if mutual understanding still can't be part of the picture.

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