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Mars quincunx Saturn

Serving as an Example to Your Partner

Kelli Fox

Like everyone else, including you, your partner has certain security needs that they think must be met in order to feel stable in life or in a relationship. While this relationship may have plenty of positive aspects to it, your natural energy will set your lover on edge, because it will represent to them the very things they've tried to move away from in their life in order to establish some semblance of stability. For you, however, your energies, your passions, your goals and ambitions are natural and right.

You'll have a hard time understanding why they make your partner nervous, and if they behave in a controlling way toward you, which is likely, it will only make matters worse. You won't want to submit to their power plays, in part because they simply won't make sense to you. In the end, this may be an overall positive experience, especially for your lover, albeit a difficult one for both of you. You may have come into this person's life for the sole purpose of forcing them to recognize that the structures they've built for their own sense of security are just that: external structures. Your energy may end up serving as an example to them of the kind of spontaneity they need to bring into their life in order to develop inner strength, so that they can rely less on those false, external structures.

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