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Mars opposite Saturn

Too Hot to Handle

Kelli Fox

Your passions will prove difficult for your lover to handle, because that energy will only remind them of the passions they're trying to control within themselves. In a past life, their passions raged out of control; whether it was in a love affair or a battle, they followed their impulses rather than reason, and the results were disastrous. Thus, in this life, they're trying to move away from that sort of impulsiveness and toward what they think is the proper sort of reason and logic that will ensure that nothing like that happens ever again.

But your elemental energy will both compel them toward you and scare them away. You'll represent that long-ago chaotic situation, and they'll respond by trying to control you in the way that they control their own behavior. But you're not one to back down easily, and thus your connection could be rather explosive until you get this dynamic under control. Rather than arguing with them or lashing out when they attempt to discipline you, you should try to stay calm and communicate about how you're both feeling. In truth, you're simply hitting buttons within each other: your partner's fear of the power of their own desires, and your own fear of anyone else having authority over you. Since both of these are fears that are based on negative past-life experiences, it follows that you should be able to feel enough compassion for each other to communicate effectively and resolve these difficulties once and for all.

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