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Mars opposite Pluto

Focus on Controlling Your Own Behavior

Kelli Fox

Though this relationship may begin amid an intensity of attraction and feelings of attachment, you would do well to take things slowly, because what you'll both be responding to at a subconscious level won't be the present situation at all, but rather an old, past-life connection -- one that brought both of you much grief and strife. In fact, in another time and place, you were more likely enemies than lovers, and that adversarial feeling will make itself known between you once again in this lifetime if you don't take steps to cultivate a feeling of kindness and acceptance between you. The mutual urge to dominate one another will be strong in this connection.

You'll go about it in an overt way, through intimidation and anger, while your partner will be more subtle but certainly no less powerful. It's precisely because you're both such strong people, in fact, that the trouble will arise in this relationship: Neither of you will be willing to back down from a fight. In a situation that tense, something will have to give, and it may be the relationship itself. The only way to build a solid, healthy bond will be to recognize these instinctive urges within yourselves at the outset, and focus on controlling your own behavior rather than each other.Please remember, however, that if this or any relationship becomes emotionally or physically abusive, staying in it and trying to work out the troubled karma will not be a positive experience for anyone involved. Your first priority should always be to keep yourself safe. While this connection holds great possibility for personal transformation, it also holds the potential for destructiveness. Sometimes, the best way to resolve difficult karmic ties is to let the relationship go and move on toward something more fulfilling.

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