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Mars conjunct Saturn

Trying to Restrict Your Energy

Kelli Fox

Though they could be your lover in this life, this person was your caretaker or teacher in a past one, and the difficult connection you shared then will make itself known again now. Then, they tried to use restriction and control as teaching aids, and you rebelled angrily against this treatment. You'll notice a similar dynamic developing in your present-day relationship, when your lover tries to make you be more restrained in your energies and your goals, and less impulsive in your desires.

They may do this at a subtle level, by communicating disapproval of your behavior or your desires, or at a more noticeable, overt level, by openly criticizing your behavior. Either way, you won't submit easily, and epic arguments could result. A much more mature way to handle this, however, would be to talk out your feelings rather than acting on them. If your sex drives are mismatched, don't be resentful of your partner; instead, understand that your energy actually scares or intimidates them, and talk about it. Communication and cooperation will go a long way toward resolving this karma between you, especially if you both care about each other enough to make the effort.

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