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Mars conjunct Pluto

Lesson: You Can't Control Anyone but Yourself

Kelli Fox

If you aren't careful this relationship will turn into little more than a battle of wills, just as it was a lifetime or more ago, when you two were locked in bitter conflict. Were you lovers then, or enemies? The same question may be posed in this lifetime if you become intimately involved but fail to watch for the mutual tendency to try to control each other.

As time grows by and the tension between you grows, your partner will be somewhat more manipulative or underhanded about their efforts at controlling you, while you'll engage in out-and-out aggressive tactics toward them, or passive-aggressive ones. You don't have to stay locked in battle with this person, however, or repeat old struggles. The much healthier path would be to change your tactics. First and foremost, remember that you can't control anyone's behavior but your own. That means that you can neither shape your partner into the person you want them to be, nor force them to stop trying to control you. What you can do, should you choose to stay in this relationship, is take a much calmer, fairer, more patient and levelheaded approach to your problems than your instincts dictate. Focus less on what your partner is doing wrong, and more on what you can do to transform your own behavior and perspective in order to start doing more things right.Please remember, however, that if this or any relationship becomes emotionally or physically abusive, staying in it and trying to work out the troubled karma will not be a positive experience for anyone involved. Your first priority should always be to keep yourself safe. While this connection holds great possibility for personal transformation, it also holds the potential for destructiveness. Sometimes, the best way to resolve difficult karmic ties is to let the relationship go and move on toward something more fulfilling.

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