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Mars conjunct North Node

Tools for Progress

Kelli Fox

Your natural energy and sense of ambition will be an inspiration to your lover helping them to move forward in their life and pushing toward their goals. For them, you will symbolize the type of energy they want to manifest in their own life, to make their dreams come true. Whenever you're around, they'll feel energized and even excited to meet the demands of the day.

Your independence will encourage them to develop their own personality and courage. They will feel stirred by the ways in which you show yourself to be a leader, and they'll try to develop the same qualities within themselves. This won't be in a copycat kind of way; your relationship will simply be a positive source of inspiration for your partner in learning more about who they are inside and where they want to head in the future. Whether your relationship turns out to be a short-term affair or a long-term connection, your presence in your partner's life will have a lasting effect, as you'll help them to develop the tools they need to push forward toward their karmic destiny.

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