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Mars conjunct Neptune

Moving Toward Greater Sensitivity

Kelli Fox

A relationship with this person will have a draining effect on you over time. They will sap your energy and enthusiasm, just as they did too long ago to consciously remember, in another life when you two were involved. Then, they hindered your efforts with a kind of emotional confusion.

They may have been a spouse, family member or friend who prevented you from staying focused on the task at hand, because you were always worried about them, too preoccupied by their well-being to do your own work well. Now, they will have a similar though subtle effect on you. Your enthusiasm will be dampened by their energy, but you won't be able to pinpoint why. They won't, either, in part because their efforts toward you will be in the spirit of helping you to become more compassionate, more sensitive, like they are. The best possible outcome of this relationship will be if you can learn the lessons your partner tries to teach you without letting them drag your energy down. Their efforts to encourage you toward greater sensitivity are well-meant, and you will become a more caring, sympathetic person if you can learn from your partner while staying true to your personal goals and ambitions.

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