Jupiter turns Retrograde

Kelli Fox

Jupiter turns retrograde: February 5 – June 9

Jupiter has been travelling through Libra since September 2016, and its tour of this gentle sign will last over a year, until October 2017. Commonly referred to as the Planet of Luck, Jupiter is also called the Planet of Philosophy due to its intellectually explorative nature. Its yearlong transit through diplomatic Libra expands our natural curiosity about the world along with our interest in connecting with people of different cultures and philosophies. This is a broad-minded influence, one when our noblest, most idealistic selves take charge and issues of justice and equality are at the forefront of our concerns.

When the Planet of Philosophy goes retrograde in Libra, from February 5 through June 9, 2017, that expansive energy turns inward. During this phase, we are challenged to take stock of our beliefs and ideals, and be honest with ourselves about whether the lives we’re living truly match our most cherished beliefs.

You may find yourself reviewing your partnerships, both personal and professional, through a similar lens during this retrograde period. You might start pondering important questions, such as—what’s working between you and your lover or business partner, and what isn’t? Does the partnership match with your deeply held values? Perhaps most importantly, are you bringing everything you can to the table, to help make the partnership a success?

If you’ve felt lately as if you’re stuck in a “bad luck” phase, the honest answers to these questions may reveal that you’ve been the obstacle blocking your own path. When we aren’t living according to our truest philosophies, our lives can get out of whack. Maybe you’ve been spending too much money or socializing too much instead of focusing on your responsibilities. Libra, after all, is about pleasure—but it’s also about balance, justice and harmony, especially in partnerships. When something is out of balance, Libra feels it keenly. Jupiter’s retrograde period in this sign is a good time to figure out which parts of your own life are out of balance, so you can focus on living a life you truly believe in.

You aren’t inclined to follow anyone else’s lead during this retrograde period, as far as philosophies and beliefs. Don’t be surprised if you finally come to terms with something you believe in that differs wildly from the beliefs of your friends, family or spouse. This is a good thing. You’re discovering the truth of who you are, so you can live that truth moving forward.

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