Jupiter turns Direct

Kelli Fox

Jupiter turns Direct in Virgo: May 9


Virgo is all about the detail; Jupiter is all about going further than anyone else. Combine these two energies, and you have a recipe for fundamentalism of all kinds. This could be a dangerous time for religious extremism around the world, but it’s not only religious fervor which can be stirred up by Jupiter in Virgo – all kinds of beliefs, standards and practices can be taken to extremes. It’s no coincidence, for instance, that McCarthyism came to a peak in 1956, as Jupiter entered Virgo.

Ethics and Philosophies

Since Jupiter is connected to our ethics and philosophies, this period could also see a variety of moral panics, stoked by the media, with disapproval heaped upon all kinds of groups. People who aren’t “like us” don’t tend to fare well when Jupiter transits highly critical and judgemental Virgo.

Health and Sanitation

However, this transit can also have some hugely positive effects. Virgo is the sign most concerned with health and sanitation, and the energies of Jupiter in Virgo can be a catalyst for great improvements in public health around the world, perhaps with new vaccines and infrastructure being provided to some of the poorest parts of the globe.


In the affluent world, expect a consumer trend away from cheap, mass produced goods and towards better craftsmanship and higher quality items where the detail – that Virgo obsession again – is everything. Good service will also be important, and a new enthusiasm for good manners will be catching too.

Take Care of Your Whole Body and Mind

Jupiter has a definite spiritual tinge to his energies, but Virgo is a very down-to-earth sign. A struggle to blend the material concerns of Virgo with the ethereal aims of Jupiter will ensue, but one way round this is to focus on holistic wellness. During this period, take care of your whole body and mind, perhaps engaging in a spiritual-physical practice such as yoga.

Detail Versus Big Picture

Ultimately, Jupiter’s transit of Virgo has a lot to offer if we can reign in the extremist viewpoints which could otherwise blight this year. Unfortunately, however, the Virgo tendency to get bogged down in the detail could prevent politicians from seeing the bigger picture until it’s very difficult – or too late – to do much about it.

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