Jupiter in Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

Expansion, Luck, and Optimism

Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8th. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, and it is here where it’s at home, where it expresses itself most purely. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and optimism, and Sagittarius is the sign of travel, higher learning, adventure, and philanthropy. Considering the heaviness of many of 2018’s transits, Jupiter in Sagittarius offers a welcomed wave of positive energy and optimism.

Competitive to Explosive to Dangerous

The second half of November, however, gets a little more interesting, as the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and Jupiter square both Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter certainly makes something more likely and exaggerates the energy that surrounds it, but it prefers to not only look but emphasize the good. Jupiter amplifies the hard, explosive, and risky edges of a Sun and Mars square and turns it from competitive to explosive to dangerous. It does add honesty to an otherwise highly deceitful Mercury Retrograde and Neptune square, making it less likely that escapism and deception will rise. It’s more realistic that deception will be uncovered and that whatever we’re escaping from can be explored so it’s no longer taboo.

Taking on More Than We Can Handle

Jupiter also squares Mars in Pisces on November 19th, but unlike many other Mars squares, this one doesn’t feel urgent or irritable. Unconscious enthusiasm for expanding the mind and experiencing new things leads people to embrace so much more than they have in the past. However, people are more likely to think of themselves, their ethnicity or nation as invincible. They may take on more than they can handle and get more than they bargained for, especially when it comes to foreign relations, by taking chances when they should be making more calculated decisions.


Jupiter makes a conjunction to the Sun on November 25th, emphasizing both the traits of Jupiter and Sagittarius. Everyone wants to be the giver, the most generous, the more intelligent, and the most experienced. The competition is fierce but friendly, as people feel more drawn to altruism and learning about the world, though insisting that they alone know the truth about everything. 


Jupiter conjuncts Mercury retrograde on November 27th, providing a much needed element of self-reflection and introspection to Jupiter’s enthusiastic, nothing-can-harm me attitude. It doesn’t necessarily put a damper on things so much as it creates a greater desire to think and re-think our ideas, especially philosophies, religions, or ideologies that we think are too dear to question. It’s not a revolution so much as it’s a re-examining.

Enthusiasm and Adventure

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a breath of fresh air or a burst of fire-breathing enthusiasm. It’s a pure expression without fear, without deception. It may be high time the world had an extra dose of unadorned honesty and a renewed thirst for adventure.

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