Jupiter in Capricorn

Kelli Fox

Jupiter moves into Capricorn: December 2nd, 2019 – December 19th, 2020

Success through Hard Work

Jupiter is a powerful planet, the largest in our solar system. As it travels through Capricorn from December 2nd 2019, this is most likely to translate into worldly power and material success. Capricorn is the sign of success earned through hard work and steady progress within established structures. This is a powerful placement for manifesting dreams, combining Jupiter’s visionary seeking with Capricorn’s ability to climb even the highest mountain, one step at a time.


Jupiter in Capricorn brings an innate sense of authority, fueling the often externally validated authority of Saturn with Jupiter’s natural confidence and leadership abilities. Cautious Saturn’s influence as the ruler of Capricorn reduces Jupiter’s tendency to gamble or take excessive risks, as well as tempering Jupiter’s sometimes blind optimism with a more realistic and pragmatic approach. When Jupiter is in Capricorn, we make our own opportunities. We trust the universe to provide but also take responsibility for creating our own reality. Jupiter’s blind faith is tempered by realism, discipline and patience.

Large Organizations

Jupiter’s journey through Capricorn is likely to highlight the organizations which rule society, such as governments, as well as the structures we build in our own lives. Jupiter in Capricorn has a need for honesty and integrity, for high moral and ethical standards. Jupiter in Capricorn may call us all to account, especially in March and April 2020 when Jupiter meets feisty Mars (on 20 March) and then transformative Pluto (on 5 April). Pluto is the planet of shadows and the shadow side of Jupiter in Capricorn may manifest as the rich getting richer, as those already in privileged positions seek to maintain and even expand their personal fortunes.

Confidence and Determination

Jupiter in Capricorn may bring a sense of entitlement and a love of high social status which exaggerates the divisions which already exist in society. Hidden conflicts may be brought to the surface and those whose voices have gone unheard may find the power to speak out, as Jupiter in Capricorn also brings confidence and determination to those who work to right social injustices and create a fairer world.

Deeper Sense of Fulfillment

Whilst Jupiter in Capricorn often begins as a journey to expand worldly power, sooner or later the realization comes that material wealth and social status are not enough. To find a deeper sense of fulfilment in life, we need a sense of meaning which goes beyond external validation. A clash with maverick Chiron in December 2019 challenges us to work towards inner as well as outer change. Luckily (because this is Jupiter after all!) a more harmonious connection to rebellious Uranus the same month brings with an ability to look beyond tradition and established authority towards a more meaningful way of being.

Connecting with Something Bigger

A helpful aspect to mystical Neptune in February and July 2020 helps us to connect to something bigger than ourselves and to manifest that connection in our everyday lives. Whilst it may be triggered by the material and the mundane, ultimately the goal of Jupiter in Capricorn is soul growth. By the time Jupiter moves into Aquarius  on December 19th, 2020, we are likely to have a sense of how that growth is changing our reality.

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