Jupiter in Aquarius

Kelli Fox

Jupiter in Aquarius December 19th – December 28th, 2021

Teacher, Transportation and Technology Energy

The entry of Jupiter into Aquarius in December 2020, at the same time as Saturn enters Aquarius, brings a boost of teacher, transportation and technology energy and the opportunity to broaden our thinking and connect to our highest ideals. This is a humanitarian placement, aware of the needs of others and able to balance them in all of their diversity. Jupiter in Aquarius is inclusive and welcomes the whole range of human experience. Jupiter’s natural generosity and optimism finds a welcome home in this idealistic, future-focused sign, although this generosity may be checked by the detached, objective attitude which often comes naturally to Aquarius.


With Jupiter in Aquarius, we are inspired to move beyond our personal concerns and seek an ideal, a purpose to inspire our action and growth. Jupiter in the sign of fixed air demands that we commit ourselves to a cause. Jupiter prefers evolution to revolution, so that this may be a journey of peaceful philanthropy rather than radical change. This may be challenged around January 2021, when Jupiter squares progressive Uranus, seeking freedom and devotion to the truth. Established beliefs may clash with unconventional ideas around this time, asking us to focus on what helps us to best express our most authentic selves.

Morals and Ethics

Jupiter is the planet of moral and ethical standards and these are likely to be high as he travels through Aquarius. There may be a tendency to be more concerned with the moral high ground, or with theories of ethics, than with how people live day to day and the issues they face. Dogmatic, patronizing thinking may also be a risk here, as Jupiter in Aquarius is likely to operate from an assumption that he knows best and knows what is right for the collective as a whole. There is a strong focus on doing the right thing, which may bring change to areas of life where there is a tendency to seek power for personal gain or corporate profit. Care may need to be taken over how the “right” thing is defined and indeed applied. Those who are already confident of and even feel entitled to their place in the collective are likely to be most successful under this placement.


Jupiter is the planet of spiritual tradition and this may become an abstract theory rather than a living entity in the sign of fixed air. However, there is also a strong urge for freedom here, and there may be a process of opening up, a readiness to accept more unconventional ways of understanding the world at large. Jupiter in Aquarius brings a strong need for independence, so that each of us is called to find new ways to be true to our own unique belief system. There is an understanding that we are all one, that humanity and indeed life on earth are deeply interconnected. This brings tolerance and openness, so that free expression becomes a priority and all opinions are seen as valid. Jupiter in Aquarius welcomes wisdom in all of its forms, functions and manifestations.

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