New Moon in Gemini

Kelli Fox

New Moon in Gemini: June 3

The New Moon forms a wide opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius and a square to Neptune in Pisces

Busy Mind

The Gemini New Moon stirs up a plethora of fancies in your head; so many, in fact, that you may walk into a wall if you don’t pay attention to where you’re going! Those who find you staring off into space think you are in a fog belt, when you are actually immobilized by thoughts of a gazillion possibilities.

Learning Comes Easily

You won’t need too much outside stimulation to incite more activity in your head, you’ve got plenty of your own. Maybe there is a best-selling novel brewing in your brain that begs to be brought to life. Maybe you’re thinking about learning some new languages. You may even want to learn something new and completely different.

Lots of Ideas

During this lunar influence, you won’t be short on ideas. Your main challenge is to pick and choose the ones that are most pragmatic and beneficial to you at this time. Then, begin the process of turning fancies into realities.

Stay Focused

You should spend some time alone and meditate on your options, even though you may be eager to share your feelings and thoughts. Any person in your company will get an earful, probably more than they can keep up with.

Try to Make Decisions

You may not have it all worked out before you take those first baby steps, but making firm decisions will be half the battle for you.

New Moon opposite Jupiter

We are imbued with a false sense of optimism for these few hours, and all sorts of things can happen in this short time span. The future suddenly seems so rosy that we feel we can certainly afford the extra piece of cake, that extravagant purchase we’ve been denying ourselves or one more drink (which may well be one too many). We just don’t know when to quit. Exaggerated emotional expression isn’t out of the realm of possibility; nor are demonstrations of extreme and probably intolerant faith. This is a poor time to make business decisions, due to bad judgment and a tendency to overspend.

New Moon square Neptune

We’d be best off if we avoided making business and personal decisions until this short transit is over, because we could easily misread even the clearest information or misinterpret the issues at hand. Our perceptions are clouded at this moment and we’re in a vulnerable position. We can be deceived because of it. Plus, our attention wanders off again and again as we succumb to the escapist tendencies this influence inevitably brings. We’re oversensitive and may misconstrue what others say. This is a good time to lay low and utilize our preferred method for staying grounded. It’s particularly important to avoid addictive substances and behaviors right now.

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