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October brings profound healing opportunities for everyone. Determined Mars trines regenerative Pluto on the 1st, making it a good opportunity to launch a fitness regimen. This is a great time to begin an exercise program and start a diet. Alluring Venus trines Pluto on the 3rd, paving the way for sensual pleasure and loving encounters. Finding love should be easy for singletons, while people in committed partnerships may enjoy a second honeymoon. On the 5th, the Full Moon brings self-esteem problems to light. It’s important to confront confidence issues in order to realize personal potential.

Generous Jupiter moves into intense Scorpio on the 10th, inviting everyone to assess what is truly important. Getting rid of superfluous possessions and toxic relationships will be liberating. When it comes to property and people, quality trumps quantity. A square between argumentative Mars and repressive Saturn on the 11th warns against challenging authority. It’s better to follow orders than upset the status quo on this oppressive day. Never fear; there will be better opportunities to reform a troubled institution in November. On the 14th, agreeable Venus moves into cooperative Libra. It’s a great time to enter a creative alliance, romantic partnership or business association.

Logical Mercury opposes radical Uranus on the 15th. People will tend to be contrary at this tense time. Beware of launching a promotional campaign or giving sales pitches at this time; these efforts could fall flat. Mercury moves into probing Scorpio on the 17th. Research projects and investigative reporting could find success. The second half of October is also excellent for exploring investment opportunities. Putting money into a savings, college or retirement account may quickly accumulate. Seize this chance to build a nest egg.

The New Moon on the 19th warns against moving too quickly with agreements. If negotiations fail, it’s better to walk away from a bad deal than push it through. Don’t be intimidated by someone who insists on signing a contract by a deadline; take your time to explore all the angles. On the same day, the willful Sun opposes erratic Uranus. The pressure to move quickly will be strong; don’t give in to it.

Dynamic Mars moves into charming Libra on the 22nd; it will be easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. On the same day, the commanding Sun enters sultry Scorpio, enhancing the desire for sensual pleasure. The urge to merge could be very powerful. A trine between clever Mercury and idealistic Neptune on the 24th is perfect for blasting through creative blocks. This is also a good time to apply to educational, cultural and government institutions for scholarships and grants. On the 26th, the determined Sun forms a conjunction with generous Jupiter, making it an ideal opportunity to cultivate fame and acclaim. Use this chance to audition for roles, showcase creative work and go on job interviews. Avoid mixing business with pleasure on the 27th, when flirtatious Venus squares forbidding Pluto. Look for love outside the workplace at the end of October.

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