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Leisurely Venus begins its tour of adventurous Sagittarius on the 1st, making it a great time to travel. An overseas trip could be highly romantic. On the same day, combative Mars opposes rash Uranus, warning against breaking off a close relationship in a fit of anger. Wait an entire day before making any important decisions, especially regarding partnerships. On the 2nd, expansive Jupiter trines spiritual Neptune, favoring sacred rituals and devotional practices. Analytical Mercury also goes retrograde on this day, further emphasizing the need to rely on instinct rather than logic.

The Full Moon on the 3rd could cause technical breakdowns and traffic tie-ups. If an appliance breaks or a flight is delayed, take deep breaths and be as flexible as possible. A square between the willful Sun and confusing Neptune occurs on the same day. Instead of trying to carry out a plan, postpone chores and relax instead. Outgoing Mars enters passionate Scorpio on the 9th; it’s a great time to pursue powerful desires.

A trine between clever Mercury and inventive Uranus on the 10th could result in a breakthrough. Record any brilliant ideas as soon as they occur; it would be a shame to forget this brainwave. Vain Venus squares sensitive Neptune on the same day; beware of indulging in fairytale fantasies. It’s better to think in practical terms on this dynamic day.

On the 16th, the spirited Sun trines independent Uranus. Breaking away from a restrictive job or relationship could be empowering. The New Moon on the 17th is ideal for expanding horizons. Taking up a course of study, traveling overseas or publishing written work are all favored at this stimulating time.

Disciplined Saturn enters ambitious Capricorn on the 19th. Pursuing a lofty career plan is strongly advised. Rather than resting on laurels, it is best to push the envelope. Be willing to sacrifice leisure time to get ahead. A trine between alluring Venus and impulsive Uranus on the 20th could trigger an instant attraction. People in existing relationships can benefit from obeying romantic impulses. Taking an impromptu vacation or buying an extravagant gift can strengthen a loving bond.

The confident Sun begins its tour of conventional Capricorn on the 21st. It’s a good time to establish a stable foundation. Buying a home, starting a family or launching a business are all good uses of this constructive energy. The Sun conjuncts focused Saturn on this same day, lending even more strength to initiatives. Communicative Mercury goes direct on the 22nd, making it easier to get straight answers. Clarifying confusing situations will also be possible.

On the 24th, loving Venus moves into committed Capricorn. Getting engaged or married is a strong possibility. People who are already coupled can derive comfort and satisfaction from their partners. A conjunction between affectionate Venus and devoted Saturn on the 25th may mark a beautiful gift exchange. Be open to receiving extravagant tokens of esteem. A trine between courageous Mars and dreamy Neptune on the 27th could result in bold creative ideas.

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