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March dawns with a somewhat sleepy vibe this year. A Virgo Full Moon on the 1st reminds us to nourish mind, body and soul, while a few days later, on the 4th, the Sun-Neptune conjunction is about recuperation and reflection. These first few days of the month feel like a kind of gentle, suspended animation. It’s almost as though the wheel of the year is itching and straining to turn, but giving us a chance to catch our breath first.

Soon enough, all-action energy starts to break through. On the 5th, Mercury arrives in Aries, sending thoughts into overdrive. The following day, Venus follows suit, bringing a pushy, almost slightly aggressive vibe to matters of love and money. These energies are quite forceful and will shake things up. On the 8th, however, Jupiter turns retrograde in Scorpio, reminding us that we should seize the last chance for some time to turn inwards and to heal. A New Moon in Pisces on the 17th marks the culmination of this healing energy.

From there onwards, things move quickly. Mars steam-rollers into authoritative Capricorn, also on the 17th, and the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th, marking the Vernal Equinox. This vibrant energy helps all signs to start over, to create and to lead. Show caution during the Mercury retrograde period, however, which begins on March 22nd. Tumultuous or shocking changes are in store when Venus conjuncts Uranus on March 28th. As the Libra Full Moon reminds us on March 31st, the best way to handle such shocks may well be to co-operate with our enemies and pull together.

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