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July this year has some key lessons for us to learn about compassion. With quite a few feel-good transits, particularly in the first third of the month, many of us will be feeling settled – however, events later in the month are set to question that kind of complacency. We’re being asked to examine our consciences and to challenge the egotism and aggression we see around us.

Chiron turns retrograde in Aries on July 4th, initiating a four-month period during which learning from the past becomes super-important. That which has hurt us previously now serves only to make us more conscious and more aware. The Sun makes two happy trines in the first week of July, first to Jupiter and then to Neptune – these aspects encourage the free flow of money and resources and give us the sensitivity to help those who need these resources the most.

As Venus moves into Virgo on July 9th, a much more cynical air prevails. The Cancer New Moon on the 12th is a Supermoon and partial Solar Eclipse, opposed by powerful Pluto. The message here is not to start something new unless you’re totally confident that it has the backing of those who matter. The Leo Sun makes a difficult square to Uranus on July 25th, followed by a heated opposition to Mars on the 27th – these transits bring volatile, unpredictable energy which can be quite angry. July rounds out with a Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th which highlights uncertainty and the need for calm heads.

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