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May’s cosmic energies are quite diverse - the challenge for many of us during ups and downs will be to stay grounded and focused, not giving in to defensiveness, illogical thinking or dismay. The tone for this is set by the sensible Taurus New Moon on May 4th, followed by an assured Mars-Jupiter opposition the next day which encourages hard work, effort and optimism. Mercury moves into Taurus on the 6th, which slows down thinking and boosts stability – but very quickly a tricky Mercury-Uranus conjunction implies some rash action and impetuous behavior.

Venus squares up to Saturn on May 7th and two days later repeats the process with Pluto; these are very challenging aspects suggesting disappointment, betrayal and rejection, so this looks set to be a challenging week for relationships especially. The lingering resentment is likely to continue until Venus moves into Taurus on the 15th. Away from affairs of the heart, however, a Sun-Pluto trine on May 13th is highly constructive and helps those who need to exert their authority, particularly in finance or business.

With Mars moving into Cancer also on May 15th, emotions take a defensive turn, so many of us will be feeling extra touchy during the second half of May. A deeply emotional Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th reinforces this moodiness, but Mercury’s arrival in light-hearted Gemini on the 21st should ensure a more upbeat end to the month. Misunderstandings could be tricky on May 30th, however, when Mercury opposes Jupiter.

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