What Kind of Holiday Host Are You, Taurus?

Kelli Fox

Do you love hosting the holidays, or do you dread it? Are you the life and soul of the party, or the host hiding in the kitchen watching the clock and waiting for guests to leave? Does your home come alive at the holidays, or is it business as usual, just with added jollity? See if you recognize yourself (and the rest of your family!).

It’s all about food and luxury when Taurus is holiday host – although you do like to bring the outdoors indoors, so your decorations will be natural and rustic, and probably home made. You’ll spend on lavish treats, great wine and over the top meals – then when everyone is too full to move, you’ll be more than happy to lounge in front of the TV on the pretext of enjoying family togetherness. And why not? A mellow and leisurely holiday spent chez Taurus will leave everyone satisfied and content – but you’re not thrilled about having the responsibility for cleaning up afterwards. If your guests are relaxing, you figure you should be too. Who wants a stressed out host, after all?

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