What Kind of Holiday Host Are You, Aquarius?

Kelli Fox

Do you love hosting the holidays, or do you dread it? Are you the life and soul of the party, or the host hiding in the kitchen watching the clock and waiting for guests to leave? Does your home come alive at the holidays, or is it business as usual, just with added jollity? See if you recognize yourself (and the rest of your family!).

Independent, quirky and as untraditional as they come, you’ll want guests spending the holidays with you to go home with plenty to talk about. It’s not hard for you to come up with a different and unusual twist on the holidays, as you rarely follow traditions in any case – but be prepared for some family members to find your unique take on things a little too weird for their tastes. Your decorations are modern, new and shiny, and probably incorporate digital elements and electronics in some way. Likewise, your food is not the traditional holiday fare, but something lighter and more exotic. For entertainment, you’re likely to share some magic tricks or call upon family members to show off their skills – anything but the dreaded holiday TV.

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