The Cancer Vacation Experience

Kelli Fox

If you’ve ever returned from a vacation feeling more exhausted than when you left, you know the importance of choosing the right destination. For instance, the rush of energy in a big city might be invigorating for one person, but overwhelming for another. Plan a custom vacation that will balance and recharge you by looking to the elemental association of your sun sign.

With Cancer’s cardinal water, fertility flows into the zodiac. Cancer’s nurturing energies make it a good time for planting—whether it be flowers, crops, or relationships. Just be sure to nurture yourself, too, Cancer, or you’ll get crabby! For your getaway, find a secure spot to burrow into, like an extended stay hotel, or even a time-share condo, and take a series of fun-filled day trips.

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  1. Hillary on May 26, 2017 at 8:43 am

    This is spot on. Exactly how I plan to vacation for my birthday!

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