April Fools Pranks for Virgo

Kelli Fox

Each year, as April 1 approaches, children and pranksters around the world begin gleefully planning the hoaxes and practical jokes they will play on unsuspecting friends, coworkers and family members. While not exactly an international holiday, April Fools’ Day is recognized in many different countries, and it’s more than just a day of cheap laughs: When you prank your friends and family, you’re actually carrying on a time-honored tradition that has been handed down through cultures and centuries for well over 500 years. What’s the best trick to play on your child, best friend, spouse or coworker? If you really want to push their buttons, tailor your prank to their Sun sign! Read on to find out the best tricks that are sure to get the goat of your Zodiac sign.

Practical Virgo always wants to be punctual. Here’s a great practical joke for this sign: Late at night on March 31, after your Virgo victim has gone to bed, set all the clocks in the house forward by an hour, except the one Virgo uses as an alarm clock in the morning. When they wake the next morning at the regular time, they’ll go about their morning routine, just like usual — until they spot one of the other clocks in the house (you can point out the time, if you need to). They’ll suddenly “realize” they’re an hour late, and will scramble around trying to get ready for work or school in double-time! Another great prank for clean, refined Virgo is to pretend to smell something foul every time Virgo approaches. Get other people in on the joke, so it isn’t just you sniffing and wrinkling your nose. Soon Virgo will start to suspect their personal hygiene isn’t up to snuff!

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