April Fools Pranks for Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

Each year, as April 1 approaches, children and pranksters around the world begin gleefully planning the hoaxes and practical jokes they will play on unsuspecting friends, coworkers and family members. While not exactly an international holiday, April Fools’ Day is recognized in many different countries, and it’s more than just a day of cheap laughs: When you prank your friends and family, you’re actually carrying on a time-honored tradition that has been handed down through cultures and centuries for well over 500 years. What’s the best trick to play on your child, best friend, spouse or coworker? If you really want to push their buttons, tailor your prank to their Sun sign! Read on to find out the best tricks that are sure to get the goat of your Zodiac sign.

Adventurous Sagittarius loves learning about and experiencing unfamiliar cultures. Have a friend call their phone and leave a voicemail claiming that Sagittarius has won an all-expenses-paid vacation to someplace exotic. Leave your number as the call-back number, so that when Sagittarius phones you to claim their prize, you can holler “April Fools’!” into the receiver. Sagittarius is also a lifelong learner; if you attend school with your Sag victim, ask them on the morning of April 1 if they’re ready for the big exam that day (when there’s actually no exam scheduled). This prank works even better if you can get several friends in on it. Everyone can confirm there is definitely a test that day, one everyone has supposedly known about and been preparing for for weeks. Another great prank for honest Sagittarius: Leave a fake apology note on their car’s windshield for a hit-and-run accident that didn’t happen. Then watch and laugh as your friend searches for a dent that doesn’t exist.

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