April Fools Pranks for Aquarius

Kelli Fox

Each year, as April 1 approaches, children and pranksters around the world begin gleefully planning the hoaxes and practical jokes they will play on unsuspecting friends, coworkers and family members. While not exactly an international holiday, April Fools’ Day is recognized in many different countries, and it’s more than just a day of cheap laughs: When you prank your friends and family, you’re actually carrying on a time-honored tradition that has been handed down through cultures and centuries for well over 500 years. What’s the best trick to play on your child, best friend, spouse or coworker? If you really want to push their buttons, tailor your prank to their Sun sign! Read on to find out the best tricks that are sure to get the goat of your Zodiac sign.

Most Aquarians are all about the latest tech gadgets, but that doesn’t mean they can spot an April Fools’ joke before they’ve fallen for it. Prank this sign by (very carefully!) saving a copy of their latest important computer file that they’ve been working on, and giving it a different name (one you’ll remember, so you can find it easily once the prank is revealed). Then create a new document and give it the old file’s name — but fill it with nothing but senseless characters, strings of numbers and other gobbledygook. Be sure to type in “April Fools!” at the very end of the document! Another great way to trick an Aquarius is to take a screenshot of their computer desktop and then leave the image open. It will appear as if their desktop is just as they left it, but when they try to click on folders or pull-down menus, nothing will happen. They’ll quickly grow frustrated, thinking their computer is frozen.

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