Full Moon in Virgo

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Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo: March 1

Full Moon is forming a trine to Saturn and an opposition to Neptune

Getting Organized

During the Virgo Full Moon, you’ll probably feel a sense of achievement as you notice the progress of your efforts to tidy up at home and at work. Things seem to be a lot easier to locate now that you’ve organized your stuff into more manageable piles. Although you may not be completely finished putting things away or tossing them out, you’re beginning to actually see some open space in your environment.


In matters of health, you feel the effects of your exercise routine — or lack of one. Give yourself more time to reach the optimal goal that you originally set out to accomplish. Don’t try to push your body beyond its limits. Plug away slowly and you’ll soon find that your endurance and stamina increases noticeably.


Your job seems to be going better since you’ve taken the time to work more efficiently. Higher-ups may notice your proactive work ethic, so keep it up. Your organizational skills serve you well. Continue your steady course and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you have been concerned with shedding a few pounds, you might want to make a point to eat less and exercise more as the moon begins its waning phase. You’re more likely stick to your diet as the moon’s light gradually reduces each night.

Conflicting energies:

Full Moon trine Saturn

This short transit is excellent for getting a lot of work done, particularly tasks around the house or duties and responsibilities that we must fulfill on a regular basis. There’s a sense of stability and practicality that keeps us focused, on task and productive. We aren’t easily distracted. We feel strong on the inside and have an increased sense of security. This is a good time to make business plans because we’re reasonable and have good judgment. Mapping out goals and a path toward achieving them will provide a handy guide in weeks to come. At the end of the hardworking day, be sure to get enough rest.

Full Moon opposite Neptune

Avoid business decisions during the course of this short transit if you possibly can, for most of us don’t have the data or other concrete information we need to make the best choices. In fact, we could easily be deceived right now. Our ideals and dreams operate like blinders to the truth. Misperceptions are almost certain to occur, with subsequent disappointment. It’s best to avoid important responsibilities today and trot out our favorite spiritual practice instead. A soul yearning provides the impetus we need to realign ourselves on our soul path. Escapist tendencies will be powerful now, particularly for the less attuned.

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