Full Moon in Scorpio

Kelli Fox
Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio: May 10th @ 20 degrees


During the Scorpio Full Moon, you may feel your personal power growing within, gaining strength. The consequences of your initial work during the New Moon begin to show in obvious ways. Physical and emotional wounds are beginning to heal. You feel in control of your life, as opposed to being controlled by circumstances.

Personal Power

Personal power is central to self actualization, and you are certainly on your way. Carry on with your good work! If you have been playing detective, attempting to demystify a particular problem or issue, chances are good that some answers are starting to show. Don’t stop your line of questioning. Delve further for a deeper understanding of the matter.


Emotions are highlighted with this full moon. You are present, completely engaged in your close relationships. Time spent with loved ones can be more meaningful, as long as you don’t try to project your fears onto your sweetheart. Physical intimacy can be particularly passionate and steamy.

Strategy and Contemplation

Under Scorpio’s influence, meditation is sure to generate amazing insights. You may even get more ideas about your future direction. As the moon begins to wane, enjoy whatever quiet time you have at your disposal. Take a time-out from partying. In this day and age, we do not know how to appreciate quiet times. When the mood seizes you, relish the messages that silence can offer.

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