Full Moon in Capricorn

Kelli Fox
Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn: July 8


This Capricorn Full moon is supercharged because it involves Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto to form a cardinal grand square or grand cross. Mars forms a conjunction to the Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra a square to both the Sun and Moon, Uranus a wide square to the Sun and Moon and Pluto comes together with the Moon,

Career Opportunities

During the Capricorn Full Moon, your inbox or voicemail may contain promising messages regarding a career opportunity, if that’s what you seek at this time. Your efforts during the past couple of weeks could generate the kind of response that you’ve been hoping for.

More Certain

Although there may not be a guarantee of a new position, getting feedback is always great for your self-esteem. If you’ve been questioning your recent decisions, you may become more certain by what the universe seems to be sending your way. Your hunches have gotten you this far in life. Continue following the many leads that arise.

A Proactive Attitude

A proactive attitude allows you to feel in charge of your own destiny. There is a delicate balance between financial security and meaningful employment. Where are you in that balance? You may want to narrow your search.

Investigate Further Career Options

Perhaps you need to investigate further career options or research the benefits that a certain company has to offer. You might also want to check out the stock performance or the track record of a business you’re considering an investment in.

Fulfilling your Goals

A little diligence on your part should grant you a step towards fulfilling your goals. As the moon begins to wane, you might want to make a decision about any long terms plans you have been considering.

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