Full Moon in Cancer and the Grand Cross

Kelli Fox
Full Moon in Cancer and the Grand Cross

Full Moon in Cancer and the Grand Cross: January 12th

Painful Changes

The brooding Cancer Full Moon is part of a bigger astrological configuration known as a Grand Cross or Grand Square. Essentially, the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are all bringing change, whether we like it or not. And of course some of us don’t, hence the slightly rabid nature of today’s Full Moon.

Time for New Beginnings

All signs will feel slightly powerless for a brief time today or this week, as if events are taking over and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Not true, not at all – there is always something which can be done. We hold our destiny in our own hands. The water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be the first to find their voices, their willpower and their path, the rest of us will follow suit.

Here’s a breakdown of each aspect that make up this Grand Cross:

  • Moon opposite Sun

This influence alone is a potent energy that’s hard to miss. We’re on edge; we may have trouble sleeping and we’re much more likely to respond emotionally than we usually do. The project that we started two weeks ago culminates now, for better or for worse. This is also a time when keen vision is possible. We can clearly see the ‘other side,’ whether that means our partners, our opponents or both sides of an issue. We reach realizations and find awareness. There’s simply no better time to bring consciousness to the hidden, emotional content of our own and others’ behavior.

  • Moon square Jupiter

It’s so very easy to overindulge during the course of this transit. Any sense of self-limitation is thrown out the window and our judgment lapses. Emotions loom larger than normal. Overeating is a particular danger now, but it’s not the only one. Even generosity can turn sour if we give more than we have, or give carelessly. Extravagant purchases that we can ill afford, loud expressions of opinion and feeling superior or judgmental are all possible at this time. Now that we’re aware of it, we can make space for the little voice of reason for these few hours.

  • Moon square Uranus

People can feel downright irritable, they pretty much want to be left to their own devices. Interference or, heaven forbid, actual instruction could be met with defiance or a standoffish glare. Most folks aren’t particularly compassionate at this moment, or in the mood to feel anyone else’s pain. This is a poor time to try to make an emotional contact with anyone. A few people among us may succumb to impulsive, abrupt, not well-thought-out actions, which they’ll later regret. Knowing that most people are fairly insensitive right now helps us avoid taking offense.

  • Moon opposite Pluto

Emotional control issues surface very easily during this intense transit. At this time we’re able to become more aware of our issues through our interactions with others. We can be on either the giving or the receiving end of manipulation, possessiveness or jealousy, and each of these represents a different image of attempts to control another person. Labeling these actions for what they are will help us identify and eradicate them, and replace them with more authentic, mature responses. Don’t be secretive. Emotional honesty and depth are the promises of this transit.

  • Sun square Jupiter

Confidence, energy, bounce — these qualities are evident everywhere this week, probably to excess. In fact, the big problem with this energy is one of inflation. We just don’t know when enough is enough. Be very careful not to overeat, overreach or be too self-indulgent. The possibility is high that lots of folks will take on too many projects or too much work, in a brief moment of I-can-do-anything mentality. Don’t let this happen! If someone asks you to take on extra work, it’s best to say, ‘Let me think about it and get back to you.’ This will give you time to develop a graceful exit strategy in case you come to your senses and realize that it’s too much for you. Be disciplined in work and use resources wisely. These simple actions will help capitalize on the good of this transit and avoid the bad.

  • Sun square Uranus

If you woke up feeling irritable or restless this morning, you’re certainly not alone. The astro-weather is affecting us all with its strong, unpredictable energy. People feel like doing what they want, and hang the consequences. Willful behavior is certain to be on display somewhere nearby. Defiance and indiscretion, too. Disruptions to the daily routine are likely and no one has the patience to deal with them. We shouldn’t let impatience get the best of us, because accidents can happen quickly under this potentially dramatic energy, abruptly changing plans or even lives. No one wants to feel pinned down now; most of us will instinctively resist being told what to do. No matter how much risk we feel like taking today, we shouldn’t do anything we’ll regret later. We can take things into our own hands by varying our usual schedule, which may provide sufficient outlet for this energy.

  • Sun conjunct Pluto

Complex power issues crackle in the air as long-hidden secrets and other information bubble to the surface. Right now, our focus and passions are much more laser-like than usual. We go for the burn, but if we’re too dogmatic, forceful or stubborn, we can easily burn out. It’s so tempting to look around with a critical eye and see what everyone else is doing wrong, but remember, a person can only change themselves, no one else. Our desire to improve something will be strong, but this energy can be used in a positive way by focusing it inwardly rather than allowing ourselves to focus it unconsciously on others. We’ll fearlessly look inside today and will be willing to tackle ugly jobs. We’re not afraid of getting dirty, either, so we can dig right in on a major cleanup, whether on an external or internal plane. People in power may seem even more domineering than usual, yet to some, such power is very sexy and charismatic. Avoid obsessiveness.

  • Jupiter opposite Uranus

This rare transit indicates a buildup of tension and a sudden release. Avoid discussions about religion and politics during the course of this influence, which only rolls around once every fourteen years. Such conversations are far more likely to result in dispute than in any kind of increased understanding or compromise. Our tendency is to zealously defend our own position without considering any other opinions. We’d rather be right than learn something. Let’s say, for instance, that a master in our profession comes for a visit. Instead of listening, we spout all our controversial ideas in front of the crowd, ones that directly oppose the expert’s. We take the contrary position just to to spark a ‘discussion.’ Some of us may even enjoy picking fights with the opposition; when everyone gets riled up, we take off. Wouldn’t it be much better to shut up, listen and learn? We have radical ideas and grand visions of Utopia, but these concepts are rooted in the need to be rebellious, contrary and reactionary, rather than in any type of grounded reality. Extreme and outrageous behavior is very likely during this time.

  • Jupiter square Pluto

Things aren’t going quite as smoothly as we’d hoped. Although the drive to succeed is very strong and we feel perhaps a bit too confident, it seems that everyone keeps getting in the way of our potential success. It feels like ‘they’ are out to get us. This is what conspiracy theories are made of! We just can’t put things into proper perspective. Small things seem big and big ones seem minor. In this confusion, we don’t cope well with a change of plans. When we start to feel rigid, it’s time to let it go instead of clinging stubbornly or trying to direct the situation. We can learn to accommodate, and this will be a necessary skill to get past this period successfully. Control can be a big issue. If someone starts digging around in our business, we grab the reins and ask probing questions of them. That deflects the questions away from us temporarily but makes others suspicious. It could be that our big plan is nothing but a house of cards. If someone blows hard enough, they could knock it down, a collapse that could be very embarrassing. Concern over resources and their potential lack is another issue. Remember, there’s enough to go around.

  • Uranus square Pluto

This transit hearkens back to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that occurred in the mid-1960s, a time of upheaval and rebellion, shocking events and spasmodic transformation. Together, these two planets indicate major change at a deep and fundamental level. This energy is far bigger than any individual and can sweep up large numbers of people in its wake. Right now we are experiencing great stress and challenge to the changes that were initiated at the last conjunction; as we lurch into the future, shocking and surprising matters from the past continually come to the surface. We are forced to look at troubles that were set in motion in the 1960s, including nuclear proliferation, population explosion, environmental destruction, species extinction and many other dark areas. It’s not going to be easy. The best we humans can do is to grip the surfboard of humanity and ride the wave of inevitable change.




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