Full Moon in Cancer

Kelli Fox
Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer: January 1st

This Cancer Full Moon is opposite Pluto, trine Neptune, trine Jupiter, trine Mars and opposite Venus!


The start of 2018 brings excitement and anticipation. A Cancer Full Moon is all about emotions and reviewing the past. With the involvement of most of the planets it’s all about action and activity. This Cancer Full Moon is creating a grand water trine with the Moon forming a trine to Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. 2018 promises to be a fulfilling year for many of us – especially the water signs or anyone with water planetsCancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Full Moon in Cancer

During the Cancer Full Moon, you can develop a warmer, more loving spirit in your home and with people you’re close to. You may feel a sense of contentment with the quality of people you have in your life. Steps you had taken during the New Moon to garner support from the people who are most important to you may begin to show. Knowing that you have a community behind you can heighten your own feelings of self-worth. Of course, how you feel about yourself shouldn’t depend on anyone, but it sure helps to know that you are loved.

If you have been trying to establish a new home or improve the one you have, your efforts should reveal themselves at this time. Generosity seems to be the mood of the day. You may find yourself giving as well is receiving various baked goodies from friends. You might want to invite a couple buddies over for terrific meal made from your own hands.

Generating good times in your home is a wonderful way to recharge the energy within your space. Bless the corners of your home with some aromatic incense or wild sage. Come up with additional ways to further create your ideal home. Start tearing up ugly carpets, peeling wallpaper, and anything else that is an eyesore as the moon begins to wane.

Here’s a breakdown of each aspect that’s involved with this Cancer Full Moon:

  • Moon opposite Sun

This influence alone is a potent energy that’s hard to miss. We’re on edge; we may have trouble sleeping and we’re much more likely to respond emotionally than we usually do. The project that we started two weeks ago culminates now, for better or for worse. This is also a time when keen vision is possible. We can clearly see the ‘other side,’ whether that means our partners, our opponents or both sides of an issue. We reach realizations and find awareness. There’s simply no better time to bring consciousness to the hidden, emotional content of our own and others’ behavior.

  • Moon opposite Venus

    During the course of this brief transit, we might find that some people are oversensitive, taking offense where none was intended. There’s a strong tendency to project our feelings onto others, particularly those to whom we feel closest. Memories surface that inhibit our coming together with others, and unexpressed emotional content affects the way we see and relate to other people. Since creative energies are heightened at this time, perhaps the best course of action is to focus on that aspect and try to limit interpersonal contact until this influence is over.

  • Sun conjunct Venus

    This is the perfect time to reach out and touch someone. Whether it’s social networking, batting your eyelashes at someone you’re attracted to or mending fences, today’s astro-weather practically guarantees success. The gentle urge to come together, get along and find common ground pulls people of all persuasions toward each other in understanding and acceptance. The focus is on social contact, expressing affection and having a good time. No one will feel like working, and we definitely won’t want to argue; we want to get along with everyone and live the sweet, easy life for a few days. So have a party, go out with friends, make a new friend and enjoy being with someone else. Share feelings, emotion and affection. This is also a wonderful day for creative pursuits and for improving your appearance. Remember, though, beauty is only skin deep. Develop inner as well as outer beauty.


  • Moon trine Mars

    There can be quite a surge of erotic, sexual energy during the few hours of this particular transit, which is something that most people respond to on some level, consciously
    or not. Emotional power blends with physical prowess to help folks feel excited, passionate about what they’re doing and internally aligned. We express our emotions with ease and pay attention to our bodies. Actions taken now are based on clear feelings and should be successful. There’s a certain youthful, impetuous feeling to this brief period that can be quite fun and refreshing. Sparks can fly, in more ways than one!

  • Sun sextile Mars

    Today’s energy is steadfast, directed and excellent for accomplishing a lot of work. It’s all about individuals finding and seizing opportunities for action — a time when things get done! Tasks are crossed off to-do lists; steady and consistent effort is applied to the workaday world. We are accomplishment-oriented today and the smartest among us won’t squander this energy on pointless tasks or silly meetings. This is all about action. The astro-weather increases our ambitions and confidence, aids personal will and gives a healthy sense of competition, one that brings out the best in many people. Teamwork is okay, but really, independent work is probably more productive. Take advantage of the good timing this transit brings. Our plans should proceed smoothly and quickly.

  • Moon trine Jupiter

    Emotions swell during this brief transit and we can easily get carried away by feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia. The past seems like a utopian vision if we remember only the good and turn a blind eye toward the imperfect memories. Instead of looking back, we would do well to peer into the future. Visualizing our dreams and goals will actually get us started on the path toward their fulfillment. We do feel friendly and want to connect with others, particularly with family members and close friends. Self-indulgence is a distinct possibility now. Give in today and pay the price later.

  • Sun sextile Jupiter

    This brief period promises luck and good fortune. For many people, newfound confidence and an optimistic outlook are working overtime now, creating opportunities right and left — so many, in fact, that the challenge may be in deciding which ones to jump on. Keep in mind, what’s important now is the broader vision, the higher principle; don’t bother with the little, troublesome details that can bog us down at other times. Now is the time for seeing the bigger picture. Create good social connections that will pay off in the future and make time for a new client or a potential friend, or form a new business relationship. Give generously — and anonymously — to a nonprofit or any other charitable organization. If there’s no money to give, volunteer time and energy. They are the most precious things we can give.


This short transit is very subtle but the most sensitive among us will be able feel and utilize the compassionate, intuitive energy it represents. Our spirits are drawn back to the Source for these few hours, so any type of spiritual practice is highly effective now because we can move to that centered, quiet inner place very quickly at this time. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, church services, reverent prayer, even just sitting quietly out in a serene natural setting — any and all of these important but oft-forgotten balms from daily life will help us feed our souls. The escapist urge could be strong for people who don’t recognize the call of the spiritual.

  • Sun sextile Neptune

There is a current of soft, spiritual energy in the air today. Folks find themselves in a dreamy, sensitive and compassionate mood. This can be a very romantic or even spiritual time; we’re attuned much more to dreams and visions than to our everyday version of reality. Don’t expect focus or concentration from anyone; instead, go with the flow and take advantage of this radiant, soothing, healing energy by listening to music or viewing art or cinema. Creative expression, meditation and any type of spiritual practice are also wonderful ways to nurture our souls at this time. We feel more connected to our fellow humans and to the nonphysical side of life. We can achieve a Buddha-like serenity this week by staying calm, breathing deeply and being reverent. Selfless compassion is also favorable now.

Emotional control issues surface very easily during this intense once-a-month transit, brief though it is. Fortunately, at this time we’re able to become more aware of our issues through our interactions with others. We can be on either the giving or the receiving end of manipulation, possessiveness or jealousy, and each of these represents a different image of attempts to control another person. Labeling these actions for what they are will help us identify and eradicate them, and replace them with more authentic, mature responses. Don’t be secretive. Emotional honesty and depth are the promises of this transit.

  • Sun conjunct Pluto

Complex power issues crackle in the air as long-hidden secrets and other information bubble to the surface. Right now, our focus and passions are much more laser-like than usual. We go for the burn, but if we’re too dogmatic, forceful or stubborn, we can easily burn out. It’s so tempting to look around with a critical eye and see what everyone else is doing wrong, but remember, a person can only change themselves, no one else. Our desire to improve something will be strong, but this energy can be used in a positive way by focusing it inwardly rather than allowing ourselves to focus it unconsciously on others. We’ll fearlessly look inside today and will be willing to tackle ugly jobs. We’re not afraid of getting dirty, either, so we can dig right in on a major cleanup, whether on an external or internal plane. People in power may seem even more domineering than usual, yet to some, such power is very sexy and charismatic. Avoid obsessiveness.

  • Venus sextile Mars

    What a great time to throw a party or to attend any type of impromptu social event. A good time will be had by all. This transit is much more amenable to play than to work so if possible, take a day or two off from the daily grind. We feel friendly and affectionate today, assertive but not aggressive, and there’s plenty of animal magnetism in the air. Just about everyone is in an excellent mood, and we’re all skillfully making those connections that can seem like such a struggle at other times. Right now, we give and receive with equal skill. Emotional and sexual needs are coordinated to create or enhance successful relationships, especially ones in which physical attraction is already in place. We’re in a space to appreciate others’ skills and contributions and to let them know about it. For all these reasons, negotiations go very well and diplomacy is certainly a better route than arguments or ultimatums.

  • Venus sextile Jupiter

    Life is good. Very good. We live for moments like these, don’t we? Warm and affectionate emotions flow, smoothing the way for social contacts and business negotiations. Demonstrate genuine interest in what other people are saying and you’ll learn more than you expect. A beneficial relationship could start under this favorable influence; you’ll know it when you see it. Taking a younger person underwing and becoming a mentor is a wonderful use of this energy. On a more mundane level, we take more care with our appearance than usual, and it’s a great time to get a snazzy new haircut or purchase some new clothes. Just beware that you don’t pay too much — a distinct danger with this transit, as we feel loose with money right now and generous to a fault. A party would be a great idea. Our ability to relate is heightened and we feel upbeat and attractive.

  • Mars conjunct Jupiter

    We wake up chomping at the bit and can’t wait to get started. We grab the football and run far down the field before we realize no one else can keep up. Difficult as it is, we need to pace ourselves. With this can-do attitude, we can easily take on more than we can actually handle. We’re full of energy, exuberant and enthusiastic. Problem is, while we’re surging, we don’t realize that the energy will soon drain away, only to surge again. That’s the scoop for the two weeks or so that this transit lasts. Vigorous exercise is crucial during this time to provide an outlet for this coltish energy, but don’t overexert or overextend yourself. Sports and athletics are exciting to watch now, not least because dramatic action on the field could lead to accidents. It’s not just our bodies that are stimulated now: Our faith is, too. We may be too quick to get angry on a point of faith or philosophy. Remember, it’s a belief, not a fact.

  • Venus conjunct Pluto

    How deep is your love? You’re going to find out, for better or for worse. This transit is renowned for bringing jealousy and greed right to the surface, from their depths in our psychological history. Let’s consider jealousy. For those in committed relationships, even if we have no reason to distrust our partners, we may feel as though we can’t let them out of our sight or we have to know everything they’re doing. These are sure signs we need to relax, let go and develop inner trust. Those feelings are coming from us, not them. People who don’t have a sweetheart may find themselves filled with sexual energy. Talk about distracting! Amazingly, all that lower-chakra mojo can be redirected into other areas, with incredible results. We’ve got plenty of self-control; we just have to use it! How about turning that drive and intensity toward earning some money? Resources flow today, be they inner or outer.

  • Mars sextile Pluto

    During the two weeks that this energetic transit lasts, we powerfully apply our energy toward a long-term goal designed to bring positive change. Opportunities that we seize and actions taken now benefit far more than just ourselves. The results ripple out and touch many many others. This is an opportunity to really overhaul certain areas of our lives. Remember, change is good. We should think of it as improvement and embrace it. Sometimes all it takes is a simple question. When we follow the answer through to the end, it turns out to be more profound than we had originally thought. Be aware that all the drive and ambition we feel can mask quite a bit of hostility or rage. When our little game of bumper cars gets more intense than we planned for, we know we’ve got more anger inside than we thought. Don’t let it become destructive. All in all, this is a very favorable time to direct our energy into purposeful action.


  • Jupiter sextile Pluto

Our ambitions, convictions and desire to excel are all stimulated during this relatively infrequent but important transit. This is a perfect time to examine and perfect any methods we’re using to advance ourselves. When an opportunity for a change comes along, we should jump on it, because the results will be better than we expect. Our will to succeed is so strong, we’re virtually unstoppable. We have faith, determination and the willingness needed to dig deep and work hard to achieve our goals. Research goes very well now. This is also a great time to examine previously hidden motivations, because we’re now willing to look at the underpinnings of our belief systems. With this newfound knowledge, we can become wonderful, inspiring lecturers or teachers. Of course, just because we know more than most people doesn’t mean that we know everything about everything. A little humility is in order, even if it’s difficult to muster up. Our money sense is very good now, so this is a key time for judicious spending and reasonable investing.



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