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Venus square Venus

Speaking A Different Language

Kelli Fox

It might take a long time for you two to get to know each other. This will have to do with innate qualities that each of you share, which don't align with each other. You'll find that you don't match up well.

Your values will not be the same and you could even annoy each other with the things that each of you finds important. This kind of difficult interaction will lead to disagreements that will be hard to resolve, because you just won't know where the other is coming from. In some sense, you don't speak the same language. You both might end up feeling unappreciated, unsupported and generally neglected. In order to avoid this, you'll both have to translate your language for each other, so to speak. If you can cue each other in on, your pal will have a better chance of picking up on the signals.

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