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Venus square Jupiter

Different Values

Kelli Fox

With this aspect, your friendship should be strong in spite of a few obstacles. You'll find that you disagree over and over on certain subjects. Your differing values and beliefs will prevent you from being able to fully support each other in all you'll do.

You, especially, will probably be able to smooth things over easily enough, unless other aspects between you make the rift even wider. And you'll both like and respect each other. But your buddy tends to be very opinionated, and with differing values like the two of you will have, being stubborn and opinionated can cause problems! You might especially disagree on subjects related to money or spirituality and philosophy, and these issues could be so close to your friend's heart that they'll have a hard time finding common ground with you. But though your impulse might be to try to ignore your differences, you should both try to face them down and see if you can't find some common ground, because you stand to gain a lot from this friendship.

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