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Venus quincunx North Node

Adjustments Are Necessary

Kelli Fox

The compromises your pal will have to make in order to be in this friendship with you will probably mean that they'll have to divert themselves from the things they really want to do in life. It won't be that you'll make demands on them or their time; far from it. It's just that having a close friendship with you will not be conducive to something else important that they'd like to pursue.

If you develop a strong friendship, you also might not want to follow your own natural path, if it means drifting away from each other. But if either one of you doesn't follow your dreams because your buddy is holding you back, you'll be doing yourselves and each other a huge disservice. Finding your way in life won't have to mean the end of the friendship, but it will mean making a lot of room for each other to be the people you truly are.

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