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Venus opposite Uranus

A Little Too Spontaneous

Kelli Fox

At first, you'll be intrigued by this person, possibly for their unpredictable qualities. But once you get to know each other better, you might find that you're disappointed with what your friendship has actually turned out to be. You'll have the feeling from the start that this friendship is exciting, unexpected and unique.

If you meet face to face, you'll go out a lot and have fun, crazy adventures together. It won't be hard to keep things interesting, but you'll soon grow uncomfortable with all the spontaneity and unpredictability this friendship brings to your life. You'll start to notice that your friend's behavior with you changes fast and often. And forget about knowing each other for who you really are. This particular aspect won't support a feeling of real friendship between you; instead, its influence will be more mental or social. Your pal will provoke a certain restlessness in you that could make the friendship feel restrictive.

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