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Venus opposite Saturn

An Unequal Friendship

Kelli Fox

When it comes to getting along naturally as a friends, this aspect could make it difficult or even impossible. Lots of times, your friend will look down on your looks, your values or your relationships with other people. They can actually make you feel really insecure in these areas, and as a result, you'll feel very self-conscious around them.

The likelihood is that you'll both feel uncomfortable. Your pal will try to control your behavior, both in private and in public. When you're together, you'll feel overly serious and rigid, as if there are outside forces pushing in on you, trying to making you behave in a certain way. Your friend will try to direct you in a way that makes it hard to get along, and they'll try to restrain your natural way of being outgoing and affectionate. In order to have a fun, friendly relationship, you'll both have to learn to like and respect each other despite your differences.

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