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Venus opposite Mercury

Misperceptions Are Likely

Kelli Fox

Your friend's image of who you are and what you value in life will likely conflict with the reality of your personality. The question is, are you strong enough in your sense of self to communicate your truth to them? Because doing so will be a challenge, even for someone who is absolutely sure of who they are and what in life matters to them.

Your friend's misperceptions of you could actually have a difficult effect. They'll project ideas onto you that have little to do with the person you really are, and it'll be up to you to steer things in the right direction. Furthermore, you could find yourselves on opposite sides of many issues, with you on the feeling side and your friend on the logical, thinking one. Meeting on common ground won't be simple; again, you'll have to fight through your friend's image of you and supplant it with one that's more true and accurate. This will take some time.

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