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Venus opposite Mars

Love-Hate Relationship

Kelli Fox

There will be a serious mismatch in your energies that will sometimes create friction between you, but at other times things could be really exciting. Your friend will sometimes irritate you and sometimes attract you. In fact, you're likely to find them to be pretty offensive, but as much as you may not like it, they'll also turn you on.

There might be cultural differences between you or differences in the ways that you were each brought up, which will cause problems as well. You're more social than your friend, and your urge to go out all the time could make them jealous of you. In some way, you'll invoke a big reaction in each other -- and it won't always be pretty. A smooth, easygoing, trouble-free friendship probably won't be possible with this aspect firing things up between you. You both have something to learn about yourselves and your attitudes.

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