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Venus conjunct Saturn

A Sober Friendship

Kelli Fox

In this friendship, you will both be driven by a sense that you have some important work to do together. What this work will turn out to be will be up to you; it could even be a business venture that will require careful forethought, planning and hard work from both of you. But when you work on a project together, your friend will encourage you to work harder and better than you would have on your own.

This aspect lends a grounding effect to your friendship. That's good for a business relationship, where sober energy, focus and hard work are fine, even desirable. But in your friendship, you may wish for a little bit of lightheartedness, of freedom and spontaneity -- foolishness, even. You don't want everything always to have a purpose or a goal. This will probably be hard for your buddy to do in this friendship. They'll just naturally focus on the more serious side of things.

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