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Venus conjunct Jupiter

Expansive Friendship

Kelli Fox

You two will enjoy a sense of warmth and kinship. You'll look up to your friend as a mentor who can teach you about the kind of person you want to be. Creatively and aesthetically, you two will be in synch.

You'll inspire your pal to be more artistic in their own day-to-day life, and socially, you'll encourage them to make the most of their contacts. You'll have a great time going out with them, and they might have a good-luck effect on you -- you'll meet important, influential people when you're together, people who can help you advance your own causes. And when it comes to your causes, be they personal or career-oriented, your friend will be your biggest fan and supporter! All this support and understanding will make both of you feel lucky, as if you can accomplish anything. And the truth is, you'll have an easier time stretching to the limits of your own horizons within this friendship than you might on your own. The one thing to be careful about? Overindulgence! You two can really egg each other on.

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