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Uranus trine Mercury

Changing the world

Kelli Fox

You two will enjoy the exciting mental frequency you have together. Your friend will find you to be one of the most interesting and intellectually liberated people they've ever met. They will enjoy talking with you and bouncing ideas off you, because you'll offer them a brand-new, fresh, unique perspective that goes well beyond their usual modes of thinking.

They might call or email you a lot, because they won't be able to wait for your thoughts and responses. You'll really open doors for them in a big way. They have some strengths to offer you, as well. They can listen to your out-there ideas and apply their sense of logic to give them shape and definition. In fact, you'd make an excellent brainstorming team, because you'll encourage your buddy to think big while they'll encourage you to think smart. Be sure to take advantage of any opportunity to work together this way.

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