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Uranus square Sun

Unpredictable at best

Kelli Fox

Your friend likes you for all the qualities that make you unique and interesting, but you'll also begin to grate on their nerves as they begin to view you as a radical -- and they'll grate on yours too, as you start to see the limitations of their personality. The way they present themselves will seem stifled to you, as if they're ignoring or repressing their uniqueness, their creativity, their spontaneity -- all the things that make them an individual, instead of just a cookie-cutter version of someone else. Your response to this?

You could encourage them in a supportive, gentle way to unleash their creativity, but you're more likely to start acting out in a rebellious or unpredictable way, just to show them you're not like them and you don't want to be. This could create conflict between you. Small doses might be best.

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