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Uranus square Pluto

Like Boxers In A Ring

Kelli Fox

With this aspect between you, a fun, happy, smooth friendship will be hard to achieve. The problem is, you'll be too much of a mixture of power and rebellion. You'll cross each other at every turn, and you could really set each other off if you feel like your pal's getting in your way.

Nothing will be accidental or mild between you; if you unintentionally upset your friend, they'll suspect you of doing it on purpose. You'll both have a lot of plans and ideas, and you won't want anyone getting in their way. Your biggest, most important causes will be at odds with those of your pal. You'll take different corners of the ring on almost everything that's important to you, and you'll feel so passionately about your own position that you almost won't even be able to hear each other out or understand each other's point of view. You might end up deciding that you're just too different to maintain the friendship.

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