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Uranus sextile North Node

Inspiring Brilliance

Kelli Fox

With this influence between you, you'll focus on where you're headed in your lives. You, especially, are likely to shake things up for your friend. All your creativity and spontaneity will actually give them ideas for their own work or goals in life.

You'll spark them up and give them a new way to look at things. This sense of independence and newness could be uncomfortable for them, especially if they're used to doing things in a traditional way, but that's a good thing and it should have positive results. You'll give them a new idea of the possibilities in life, and that's a wonderful gift for anybody. Once they meet you and see how you do things in your own life, they'll be full of a new vision of how they could approach their own goals or move forward. They might even look up to you and your unique brand of genius as a real inspiration, one deserving of their awe and gratitude. That will make you feel great; it's always wonderful to have your brilliance recognized!

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